CHris Cariaso 

Owner / Head coach

Chris has been teaching since he was 16yrs old. He has fought and trained all over the world. He is a UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, and Elitexc veteran. In 2014 he fought for the UFC flyweight world championship in Las Vegas Nevada. He is now retired from fighting and focused on training students and coaching the next upcoming prospects. 

Tyler “Tizzy” lanham

Striking Coach

You will find tizzy coaching our boxing and muay thai classes throughout the week.  Tyler has been with training with Rise for over 5 years. Tyler has fought both in MMA and Muay Tha and was the former RUF MMA champion. He is a current blue belt in BJJ and has experience in traditional martial arts.  Tyler is a current active competitor. 

Daniel Grippaudo

Head BJJ COach

Daniel is a black belt under the BJJ revolution team. Daniel coaches both our adult and youth BJJ and Nogi programs. Daniel is the current ROP Champion and an active black belt bjj competitor. 

Sam “iceman” Moncada

striking and bjj coach

Sam the “Iceman” is our head morning coach. He is there every morning with a killer workout for everyone. Sam have trained under Rise for more than 7 years. He is a current purple belt in BJJ and is a active MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitor.


Jesus Hermosillio

front desk / wrestling coach

You will see Jesus smiling and greeting you at the door. Jesus is a up and coming fighter. He is a standout high school wrestler and tough Jiu jitsu competitor. Jesus coaches our wrestling program and is also the wrestling coach for Esperero Middle School. 

Art Tellas

BJJ Coach

Art is a former MMA competitor and now is focused strictly on jiu jitsu. He is a purple belt under Chris and Daniel. Art coaches our fundamental jiu jitsu classes and is a assistant coach in our youth classes. 

danny soto

youth striking coach

Danny is true life long marital artist. He comes from a traditional martial arts background and holds a black belt in TKD. Danny has competed in amateur Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.  Danny is still a active competitor. 

mark mckenna

youth striking coach

Mark has been training under Rise for more than 5 years. Mark has competed in Muay Thai and MMA and still a active competitor.